The Ultimate Guide to team building activities

Many corporate events claim to be team building activities bound to create social cohesion but involve dividing the company into teams in a bid to create friendly competition. But what happens when that competition marks a clear winner and what happens to the losing team? Though numbers do sometimes offer protection, more often than not, a group will place the blame on certain individuals which creates more isolated and disheartened employees than the unified ones you had hoped for fun team building ideas and games.

How to Spot Winner V Loser Events

Among your research into the most suitable corporate event and/or training activity day, it is important to be able to recognise the problematic competitive ones. You do not have to avoid every event that splits the company up into smaller groups since it is often a means for efficiency but you do need to avoid the ones that state that these groups will be against each other. The buzzword ‘competition’ is a clear indicator. Competition in an activity that is new and unusual to everyone is a fun experience but competition in a task that will clearly highlight some peoples’ skills over others is likely to create a winner v loser situation.

Social Cohesion Corporate Events

Teamwork and team spirit - Hands piled on top of one another .

Image credit: 드림포유 on Flickr

Any event or activity that uses the whole team together and values each member equally is a socially cohesive event. For example, a boating event is a perfect opportunity to unify a team since you need every single person to be hands on to run a boat! A less physical activity that everyone gets to partake in as an individual is pottery. This event is particularly funny and unifying with novices as the team bond over their new experience! If you really want to gel your team together then you can’t go wrong with a survival event. Whether you choose a few hours of training, a day or longer, every member of the team will have to work together to make a successful camp and there’s nothing like sitting round the campfire sharing stories together.

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